The Good Coaches coaches are here to help their clients in any kind of way. Clients who come to us might be hugely successful in many areas of their lives, but suffer in others. Whatever the client is going through, it is our main goal to protect them and their reputation. 


With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of leaders through a network of holistic coaches and a broad range of skill sets, we’ve contributed to success stories of various private individuals, celebrities, persons of public interest, executives and companies leadership teams.

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White Grass


The Good Coaches provides a variety of mental well-being programs focusing on:

Transformational Coaching | Hypnosis | Energy Healing | Diagnosis Coaching | Life Coaching | Business Coaching | Integrative Health Coachij

We will build your individual coaching program, covering your needs. Programs are based on different price packages and always a full commitment over a course of at least 1 - 3 months. We are firm believers that real impact can only be achieved when both sides dedicate the necessary time.  



Rewrite Your Reality

Transformational Coaching is far more than simple performance-focused coaching - traditionally it has a humanistic and psychological focus, meaning the whole person is taken into account. In today`s hectic and confusing and challenging world, transformational coaching offers a space for reflection, revelation and clarity.  It includes a variety of coaching methods and combines aspects of the best coaching approaches to "rewrite the client`s reality". Since it is a holistic as well as an integrative coaching method, all aspects of a client`s life and experience play an equal part. 

"All transformation is change but not all change is transformation." 

The Good Coacher Transformational Coaching

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