Passionate About Helping People In Crisis

Dr. med. Hiba A. Bani is a doctor by conviction and has made her 

passion for dealing with people as a coach her purpose in life and work. 

After studying human medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany, she worked in surgery, received her doctorate and completed her specialist recognition in radiology. She also worked as a medical consultant in an agency for health communication. After her training as a Business & Personal Coach in Berlin, Germany, she founded DIALOG

Her passion is listening, asking the right questions and always remaining open to the concerns of each individual, giving new impulses and supporting you on your individually chosen path.

In her professional career she has met many different characters from all age groups and different professional groups. One thing is comparable for everyone: everyone wants to be understood when it comes to personally critical points and, above all, to be taken seriously with their fears, needs and worries. "Every problem has its own path and I am here to walk this path together with you."

Hiba lives in Düsseldorf and works both as a doctor and coach. Diagnosis and Life Coaching, and Business Coaching

with Hiba.

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