Sarah Herrwerth Life Coach


The Path Of Each Person Is Always Individual

Sarah Herrwerth is a holistic health and life coach. She is a certified mediator, personal trainer and yoga teacher with additional oncological qualifications. Sarah has also received further training in yoga therapy, basic Ayurveda medicine and integrative biological cancer medicine, with a focus on nutrition.

She accompanies people in prevention, acute situations and in aftercare around the topic cancer, crisis and integrative health. Sarah helps people find their own path, centered on holistic health and a happier life.


The tools she uses partially come from her own experience and her year long struggle with cancer and a prognosis of six months, which Sarah has now surpassed 18 years. With the devastating diagnosis and prognosis, Sarah developed her own tools and mental strength that brought her back to life in a lasting way.


Based on a detailed Ayurveda anamnesis, Sarah creates a guideline about the perspectives and for the appropriate and desired steps, in support of medical tests with the support of doctors and institutions. This type of profiling can also be a guide in a professional context.


Through her work as a mediator, Sarah can identify and manage conflicts more clearly in a solution-oriented manner, both in the communication between doctors and patients and in the professional and private environment.


Together with her clients, she finds the appropriate integrative program that desired (intrinsic) healing or change journey supported – both, as well in health issues as in crisis of any kind or in a professional context.


Integrative Health and Life Coaching with Sarah.