Alexandra Donath Transformational Coach


Start Changing Your Inner Self

We all have the ability to manifest the lives we desire, the life we actually want to live in, if we are open and ready to evolve. Real change starts from deep within yourself. We simply must change our energy to change our lifes, which is quite often easier said than done. What we often tend to forget is that a healthy body needs a healthy mind to really function well. Hypnosis and holistic mind coaching is a safe way to open blocks, re-programme pathways and build confidence.

Growing up in Germany and California, having a successful career in music journalism and public relations for global media power houses such as MTV and US magazine as well as premium luxury brands Dolce & Gabbana and Tod`s have shaped her skill set as a coach. She has always had many touch points with artists, celebrities, athletes and politicians - all with very individual needs and problem situations.

"The power and potential of our state of mind is beyond extraordinary, it is fascinating how easily we can tap into positive change and let go of negative thoughts. It is important to getting to know the client, looking at different angles of their lives and lifestyles."

Through positive re-framing Alexandra will start to uplift your spirit and thoughts and start changing your world. It is a supportive, extremely effective transformational tool. Alexandra is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Usui Reiki Master. 

Transformational and Mind Coaching, Hypnosis and Reiki Energy Healing with Alexandra.